Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Corporate Transportation Management 
The IT/ ITES (BPO) Transport Scenario:

The IT and ITES (BPO) sector in India has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade. The industry maintains a large workforce working 24/7 in multiple shifts. Most organizations in this sector has thousands of employees. The organizations run 10 to 48 shifts a day and the employees are provided door to door transport due to 24/7 nature of operations. Employees reside across 300 to 1000 localities depending on the city and vehicle fleets consist of about 100 to 500 vehicles.

Employee pickups, travel time, vehicle capacity, routes etc need to be in sync to result in near perfect login adherence of employees and with minimum transport costs. Transport operations teams will be able to manage this for a small to medium employee base but a manual process is not suitable for larger number of employees and vehicles and would require a efficient transport management system.

Our Solution:

To assist transport operations using technology, Tr-Dynamics was developed which is a cutting edge software for use in enterprise wide planning, scheduling and operations management of such a large fleet of vehicles and employee transport needs with varying and changing shift and location patterns in an optimized and cost effective manner.

Tr-Dynamics is a end to end software solution and has a one of a kind planning engine with artificial intelligence (computational heuristics intelligence) based planning algorithms


Improved service levels, efficient change management, employee satisfaction, centralized operations, easy availability of key operations data, cost management and optimized operations

The software is a web based .NET application accessible on the company intranet for managers (to manage shift rosters) and employees (to manage their address information). The operations teams have access to a full screen client for regular use. Employees are authenticated using windows authentication and employee information is automatically synchronized by connecting to the LDAP server of the organization.

Key Features

Shift roster management access for managers, address management access for employees, shift roster upload control options, daily transport planning either complete/ for updates only, different route planners that handle trip limits and driver rest, one click dispatch generation & printing, override options, tracking entry screens, cab entry/exit reports for security, reports like seat utilization, distribution etc for management, communication center for transport allocation detail related mailouts.


Tr-Dynamics is built on industry accepted technologies from Microsoft Corporation