• LifeSupport EMS Systems

    LifeSupport EMS (Tr-Dynamics EMS) Dispatch is a robust emergency medical services Dispatch System developed by Interaxe Technologies.

    It was used by the Karnataka Govt Warroom (BBMP) to manage dispatches of 1000+ ambulances round the year during the Covid Pandemic and has assisted more than 1,25,000 patients. It was also used by the Hubli-Dharwad administration, Bangalore Cremation warrooms and various NGOs during the pandemic.

    The system allows for easy management of the ambulance fleet, patient feeds and ambulance dispatch and tracking for dispatchers.

    The system has a smart ambulance app that lets the drivers and paramedics to update the status of the patient shift real time to the dispatcher and dispatch control center of the hospital.

    It has various MIS Reports to manage time averages of patient shifts and various user friendly dashboards to get real time updates of on ground information.

    Critical Information Displays

    Response Time Monitoring

    Ambulances Geotracking

    The Company

    Interaxe Technologies is a MSME headed by Kriteen Nagesh who specializes in transportation management systems in various domains for over 22 years. He holds an Engineering Degree from R.V College of Engineering, Bangalore in Electronics & Communications, an Advanced Diploma in Business & Industrial Mgmt from ISLE, has had Executive Education in Supply Chain Mgmt from IIT-Delhi and is a former Certified PMP from PMI, USA. He is also a certified software estimation professional.

    He is a highly experienced full stack developer of complex systems, a product developer, a software architect, a domain specialist, a technology management consultant and the CEO of the company.

    The company was started in 2012 with products in the transportation domain for corporates and has since developed and manages many products through its 6 specific product companies.

    Interaxe Technologies has strategic partnerships with Medeq Healthcare for the EMS products, ANP for Corporate Staff transport solutions. Our various products are widely used by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Jubilant BioSys, NTT, Paypal, Microsoft, Tata Adv, SEG Bosch, BBMP, Medeq Healthcare, Ford, AGS Health etc.

    Kriteen Nagesh
    CEO & Technology Consultant
    Interaxe Technologies

    Formerly: Managing Partner

    Formerly Program Manager & IT Development Manager

    Our Product Companies


    The company specializes in corporate transport systems.


    LifeSupport EMS Systems

    Formerly Tr-Dynamics EMS, the company specializes in EMS dispatch solutions.


    Interaxe Telematics

    The company specializes in GPS & Tracking Services for corporates


    Fleetbook Digital

    The company provides Fleet document storage & compliance solutions


    Effective Ambulance Operations with
    LifeSupport EMS Dispatch


    Fleet Registration

    Drivers/ Paramedics download the smart app and register for access.


    Access Control

    Once access is granted the ambulance is live on the EMS system for dispatch. No OTP. No Username or Password !


    Easy Dispatch Entry

    Patient feed bulk uploaded/ Feed integrated/ Manual Entry by your dispatcher.


    Ambulance Dispatch

    Dispatcher assigns an ALS or BLS ambulance to a patient. Ambulance Smart app provides information to the driver and paramedic.


    Location Tracking

    Ambulances are fit with GPS devices that enable accurate location tracking by the control center.


    Real Time Shift Status

    Dispatch control center can track Patient Pickup till Admission Status based on the app updates from the driver or paramedic.


    Time Averages

    Dispatch control center can get detailed reports of time averages between dispatch to pickup till admission.


    Ambulance Usage

    Dispatch control center can get detailed reports of the number of dispatches handled by amulances over time.




    ALS and BLS Ambulances


    Large Deployments